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May. 7th, 2017 05:11 pm
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This community is part of a role playing game. These celebrity journals are not the real celebrities and are for entertainment purposes only.

To join: [personal profile] ziggystardst
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come hang and play some music in moonage daydream with us! 🎶
pw is majort0m
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the sad boys room
pw is lond0nbridge

Come hang and play some sick beats
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Aloha! Make a new friend today:

[personal profile] jakehold - Jake Hold, model and your wildest fantasy. That's how he introduced himself. I was going to add something about red hot, but he's platinum blonde in his icon,so I don't know! He has lots of tattoos and works out like crazy. Redhead or not, he is a sight to behold for sure.

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